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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Have spent a couple of evenings this past month driving the sound desk for a Christian competition loosely based upon the Dragons' Den TV series.

Christ-followers in the media were invited to pitch a project that would in some way advance the Christian message. The panel of dragons consisted of experienced believers from the field, who decided which pitch would win the cash injection that had been donated for the purpose by a philanthropist.

And the diversity of entrants was fascinating. A short film, a doco, a discussion show, an undersea natural history series...

It wasn't so much about who got it, as it was about encouraging Christians to turn that long-term dream of theirs into an actual plan, to learn from those who've been there, and to simply make contact with each other.

All in all it seemed to be big success, not least for the team who won!


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