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I have a friend called Tim.

On this blog I used to refer to him as “Tim Downstairs”.

This was because his Christian name was “Tim”, and for a few years I actually did live in the flat above him.

But I never thought of Tim as a neighbour. He spent too much time upstairs to be just that, and we all spent too much time down at his. Despite living at an address that was different by an entire letter, Tim was really more of a flatmate.

The days and evenings that we’d all spend hanging out together were legion. Getting pizzas in, road-testing some new bit of tech, and just plain chatting. Us all, and Tim’s cat Smokey.

Tim also holds the rare distinction of being one of only two people to have written a guest-post on this blog.

Eventually Tim moved over to Brisbane, of course inviting us all to come visit him. The morning he left, I remember promising Smokey that I’d see her again in Oz.

Sadly, Smokey has since gone to curl up in that great garden in the sky, so when I finally made it over to visit Tim this evening, I was saddened to see her ashes, but delighted to be introduced to his two new cats – Moo and Monty.

And the rest of the evening? Well, funnily enough we spent it eating pizza, trying to get some technology to work, and chatting rather a lot.

Tim may no longer be just downstairs, but it’s great to know that I can still just drop in.

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