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Scottish Dave was back in my life for another 48 hours.

Or, more accurately, I was back in his.

Q. So, what calamitous series of adventures and mayhem could possibly be waiting for us today?

A. None. Today, Dave had to work.

Fio, her son Nicholas and I therefore set off to explore Sydney on foot without him…

Next day, the four of us headed out for more walking.

My ringtone is currently set to the old Windows 3.1 "tada" fanfare, which PCs used to play upon booting up. In the above shop, I kept thinking that someone was trying to call me. It turned out they were just using an old computer in there.

So there it was - another two days packed to bursting with sights and people. As well as old friends like Kev, I also had a brief phone conversation with Mary-Ann. It's nice to make the connection with my last trip here.

I must admit, I have really enjoyed dropping in again on my Sydney 'family'. It's not just Dave, Fio, Nicholas and Kev, but the place is one which, after over six years, still feels familiar to me.

Adios, Sydney. Thank you for becoming more to me than just a one-off holiday destination.

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