Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Writer: Roger Stern
Additional Dialogue By: Jim Shooter
Breakdowns: John Buscema
Finished Art: Tom Palmer

This is the comic that features the Molecule Man escaping from hospital by having a large hot air balloon lift his bed into the sky.

That sounds very silly, and indeed, this epilogue to Secret Wars II is equally ludicrous in its larger plot, but it's thankfully all written as drama.

In the aftermath of the beyonder's death, the Molecule Man is the only being with the mental powers to save Earth from consequent destruction. However should he fail, then he will have forfeit his ability to salvage just himself and his beloved Marsha.

Consequently, the assembled heroes have a thin line to tread in asking him for his help. You can hardly pressure someone to risk their life, or the life or someone they love, for your own.

He's also afraid that, afterwards, the Silver Surfer might kill him. (no-one wants a guy with the ability to control planets wandering around)

The great paradox of the Molecule Man's character at this point in Marvel history lies in his quest to just be a regular joe again. Apart from the zig-zags on his face, the art here does indeed make Owen Reece look thoroughly ordinary. This probably helps his subterfuge at the story's end, when he pretends that the act of saving everyone has burnt his powers out. The Silver Surfer actually backs him up in this fib, later explaining his decision to Owen quite profoundly.

Silver Surfer: "I confess... I was sorely tempted to put an end to your powers. But to do so would have been an act born of fear -- while your leaving yourself open to me was an act of courage!

Evil stems from fear, while true courage is a sign of good within!

I simply allowed your courage to inspire mine!"


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