Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Writer: Roger Stern
Breakdowns: John Buscema
Finished art: Tom Palmer

Arguably irrelevant elongation of the comic-hopping Beyonder's storyline that doesn't really progress things.

In this issue, the one from beyond spends the entire 22 pages very angry with the Avengers, but never quite loses his temper with any of them. That might sound like a contradiction, but when you remember that the Beyonder can destroy the whole universe with just an offhand thought, having him physically battle anyone is showing tremendous restraint.

Although his continued occupation of a copy of Steve Rogers' body since Captain America #308 is at last firmly acknowledged here, there is no explanation for why he still remains in it, long after his decision to destroy everything. At one point he apparently falls asleep because of it.

This does however afford artists John Buscema and Tom Palmer a great opportunity to show Captain America looking quite deranged with horror.

Indeed, even Cap's integrity fails him, as he presumes the Beyonder's guilt before attempting to knock him out for the greater good of the universe. The one from beyond's objection is entirely understandable.

Ultimately though, the final panel pretty well sums this issue up. As the Avengers lie unconscious on the ground, the Beyonder rages over them "Why waste time fighting a mere six when I can destroy all existence?!"



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