Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Script: Peter B Gillis
Pencils: Don Perlin

I must admit, I had rather forgotten that the Defenders even existed.

They never seem to guest in anyone else's titles, no-one ever seems to go and visit them, and even the crowd-scenes of the cross-title series Secret Wars II don't appear to include them. (maybe they have been in there and I just haven't noticed)

So when the Beyonder finally does the charitable thing and lends his sales-figures to this issue, readers like myself find ourselves going through the pages muttering things like "Oh that's right, the Angel, Iceman, yeah..."

Alas it all comes too late. This issue #152 is also the final one in The New Defenders series, which if nothing else lends the battle within the real potential to be lost.

In his two-page (out of 38) cameo in this one, the Beyonder gives away yet more of his power to the villainess Moondragon, apparently on her say-so. Guess what that means? Yes, she gets the chance to fulfill her greatest desire, which in this case is killing the titular Defenders.

Well, that's what she thinks she's choosing anyway.

Though within the Marvel Universe she fails, in our one she arguably succeeded.


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