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Writer / Penciler / Penciller: John Byrne

Two-parter concerning the return of Doctor Doom, or more accurately, concerning his returns.

Author John Byrne appears dissatisfied with Doom's generic appearance in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, and here seeks to explain his participation in that series, despite the tiny matter of his having been dead at the time.

Part two is therefore something of a mopping-up operation with flashbacks and explanations, but for all that it's really nice that someone at Marvel cared enough to iron this whole Doom matter out.

Hence the Fantastic Four encounter a version of Doom who survived his last encounter with them, and the Beyonder subsequently packs him off back in time to the Secret Wars with no memory of these future events.

It's notable that the Beyonder accumulates yet another weakness, in this case causality. Although he does travel in time a bit, from these events he is clearly subject to it as well, sparing Doom's life to avoid changing his own past. Yes, he actually has a definite limitation here.

Much like the Marvel Universe, apparently.


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