Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Penciler: Rick Leonardi

This is one of those frustrating issues when the lead character makes a decision that it's hard to understand the motivation for. Peter Parker has a golden opportunity to patch things up with his estranged Aunt May in half an hour's time, (see Amazing Spider-Man ish #253!) but then he hears that Hobgoblin's damaged Battle Wagon (see Amazing Spider-Man ish #251!) has been stolen!

So, he has dinner with his Aunt May and then investigates the theft afterwards, right? I mean noone's in any immediate danger, and he has planted an electronic tracer bug on it, so to him it's not actually lost, is it?

Well, you can guess what happens. It makes for frustrating reading, but Parker's character is so well realised in these comics that it's easy to accept that he just makes a bad call once in a while.

As, apparently, has whoever decided to conceal the identity of this issue's villain in the darkness on the cover...

Spidey's new costume gets out-silhouetted
How the heck can you reveal a silhouette to be a man whose head is on fire?!? :)



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