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The Dominators pretty much sums up the way it used to be for Doctor Who, and as such it's a sword that cuts both ways.

On the one hand it's set on an alien planet, features no humans aside from the regular cast, has room to develop the story and characters, and contains a philosophical undercurrent that doesn't preach a pat answer. It's also fun.

I also feel I have to point out that there's a complete lack of zombies in this, the Quarks being neither a race of brainwashed individuals, nor looking disturbingly humanoid.

However in the Quarks we also find that other side of the sword that I mentioned...

...they are, quite inarguably, the worst-looking aliens that Doctor Who has ever suffered a reputation for. The scene in which Jamie bravely creeps up behind one, ties a rope around its legs and trips it up leaves advocates of the original series like myself with no possible defence. The only way they could possibly be funnier would be by speeding up the film and dubbing over the theme from The Goodies.

The two Dominators themselves aren't particularly threatening either. They both look fierce and menacing, but one of them is a simple hothead and the other seems to be a pacifist anyway.

For all that though, the story has been worked-out, the jokes are good (particularly the blank looks that the Doctor gets when he explains the plan) and the programme’s trademark questioning of everything is an absolute breath of fresh air here from the recent revival's airheaded acceptance of present circumstances only.

Don't try posting a letter in one of these guys though.

Thanks to for these screencaps.

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