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WEIRD AL YANKOVIC - Weird Al Yankovic
I don't think I've listened to this again since I first got it, so this morning I put it on as I wrapped presents.

Al's first album is something of a curiosity, lacking as it does the polish and production of his later ones. The eponymous title implies that at the time, the album's commissioning was something of a novelty, with little confidence that Al's appeal would last to any further ones. Boy, were they wrong.

Just about every track is played on the accordion, but this doesn't restrict the selection of styles on offer. Already we find several – quite unconvincing – parodies such as My Bologna, Another One Rides The Bus and Ricky, (based on Mickey) which is about the old I Love Lucy TV show.

Can I be in your show, Ricky?
"Oh Ricky,
What a pity,
Don't you understand?
That every day's a rerun and the laughter's always canned..."

But we have several of his lesser-known original compositions too. I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead (the title of which sounds like it must be a parody of something) and The Check's In The Mail are highly catchy numbers, the latter evoking a whole 1920s feel.

Mr Frump In The Iron Lung is too uncomfortable for me though. It's one thing to crack jokes at the expense of the strong, but another at the weak.

But hey – this album was a long time ago now.


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