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Oh, he dares...
From 1985, this CD was Weird Al really getting into his stride. I might even be tempted to call it his heyday, but for the fact that's he's still coming out with better and better material today.

As soon as you read the track listings of Like A Surgeon, Girls Just Want To Have Lunch and Hooked On Polkas you know exactly what you're in for, well until you find his original compositions mixed-in anyway, and they really could turn out to be anything.

George Of The Jungle doesn't attempt to be anything other what it is – contract work for a kids' movie. Something Al rightly gets away with thanks to his now long-held "family friendly" image.

Yoda is all about... well, guess.

Oh, my Yoda...
I know Darth Vader's got you quite annoyed,
But remember if you kill 'im then you'll be unemployed...

But my favourite track on here really has to be Slime Creatures From Outer Space, which comes across to me (maybe wrongly) as Al's tribute to Neil Norman And His Cosmic Orchestra.

Great stuff.


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