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David Gunson is a British air-traffic controller, who moonlights as an after-dinner speaker.

And on the basis of this CD, he was hilarious.

"Airports are difficult to hide, however, you can put billboards up but people tend to notice the odd jet flying in and out. Consequently the Government knows where 80% of the UK's airports are."

The extraordinary thing is that he knows what he’s talking about. As a result, his entire act is based on hum-drummingly mundane facts, which gives every surreal gag a kick of believeability that no amount of fiction could ever have accomplished. To that end, Gunson takes his beaurocratic life and effortlessly proves that he’s a self-employed civil servant, and only in a job because we’ve made the business of flying so dangerous. His account of the French air-traffic controllers’ strike in 1972 just wouldn’t be funny, if it didn’t sound so real.

This is sparkling, start to finish.


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