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I’ve never quite understood why recordings of concerts appeal to people.

I mean I can understand the appeal of listening to music, sure, I mean that’s the whole point of music isn’t it, to listen to it, but really – why on earth watch 2 hours of close-ups of people’s fingers pressing buttons, pulling strings and clapping their hands to show us how it’s all been made? It’s just a glorified Making Of video. You might as well sell me a DVD of David Blaine with all the other volunteers left in.

Anyways, this DVD of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour in London earlier this year fell into this category for me.

Not that that’s a bad thing. I was perfectly happy to zone-out for most of the show and let the awe-inspiring music take me on a journey through my thoughts and imagination. It has to be said that his earlier work did a better job of this, purely because I happen to like all that 80s synth stuff.

I remember seeing him perform at Live 8 a few years ago. (on Frank's TV) It was the first time I’d really noticed the age of some of the performers there. Again, not a bad thing at all – rather something that imbued the tracks with an air of authority that their younger selves would surely have lacked.

13 bonus tracks to go. What does ‘bonus’ mean again?


(available here)


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