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Since my last post on the history of the world's most famous burger-lovin' clown, the story has become even more intriguing.

These four clips of are all just 30 seconds long, and will therefore take just two minutes for you to view. They are each of a different famous TV clown, but they all bear an odd historical connection. The first three are even all played by the same guy - TV weatherman Willard Scott (in an extraordinarily diverse career) - but the fourth? Well, I think he clearly owes something to each of the others, despite his official inspiration being another clown entirely...

Clown 1: (Willard Scott in the 1960s)

Clown 2: (Willard Scott in the 70s, clearly selling out)

Clown 3: (Willard Scott in the 80s, clearly taking "selling out" to prolific new heights)

Klown 4: (so... put 'em all together, and who did the 90s give us?)

Herschel, tellingly, has refused to comment on this post.

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