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Oh my gosh, I was wrong, it was Earth, all along...
This is curious.

If you can stomach the slow 2-hour+ running time, one might even call it fascinating.

Left to their own devices, Clarke and Kubrick come out with a movie that steadfastly refuses to be pigeon-holed. Initially it looks to be all about an alien monolith, however midway through one realises that the exposition is taking far too long, and we are now in a different film about another subject entirely – artificial intelligence.

And then there’s the last section – deliberately provocative and nonsensical. Like the final episode of The Prisoner, I think it deliberately means nothing in order to feed off of the viewer's presumption that it’s a film, so surely it must mean something, right???

I could watch this film’s awesome pondering documentary-like visuals for hours. In fact, hang on, I just did.

I have to say I enjoyed this, for its amazing visuals and uncompromising narrative, but, fairly, I’m also a bit relieved that it’s out of the way now.

Lost in the Jackanory credits


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