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You know how adverts for digital TV always claim that you won't have to put up with any more of that mythical poor analogue reception?

So we were all watching Scrubs tonight, only with about a six minute delay, off of the MySky box, which is basically the local version of Tivo.

In other words, while we were watching the start, the rest of New Zealand was already six minutes into the episode.

Anyway, mid-way through, being digital, the picture started to freeze, pixilate and jump, as the sound cut-out. This kept on happening, and each time the middle of the screen was obscured by a large caption informing us that the recording had been interrupted due to atmospheric conditions. Soon it became so constant that there was barely a sentence left complete, and it was reminiscent of watching an LWT cut-down.

Ultimately we solved the problem when the picture had jumped so much that we had actually caught-up the whole six minutes to the show's live transmission in real-time, so we just flicked over to watch the rest of it off the pristine analogue transmission, which despite massively expensive advertising to the contrary, was not in the least bit affected by any inferior reception.

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