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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

I first came across this film, airing in the middle of the night, a few years ago now, and quickly decided that I didn't like it. The opening sequence was one of those black-and-white newsreel parodies, which almost no-one ever gets right technically.

And then an odd thing happened.

It became colour, established its main characters in next to no time, and I was hooked.

As the main protagonists sat in Teddy's time-machine, quite unaware of whether or not it would work, I settled down in my armchair and unquestioningly allocated the next 85 minutes of my life to coming along too for the ride.

It was fun, it was clever, it was subtle, and despite its bleak location, the whole thing looked and sounded gorgeous.

And then the credits rolled, after just ten minutes.

It was only a short. Oh.

Despite its predictable plot, I think Chrono-Perambulator is worth ten minutes of anyone's time.
Bill Paterson as Professor Teddy Knox


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