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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

A while back Herschel was offered the leading role in a movie as a superhero, until someone realised he looked more like a villain.

Undeterred, he became one of the film’s assistant producers instead.

He has no money, no powers, and no competition. He’s London’s first superhero. He calls himself.. The Street Cleaner.

I've got a finger and it's loaded
“All the best names are taken.”

It’s a fine premise for a movie – a superhero who actually could be you or I. And the script clearly knows how key a sense of fun is to enjoying the genre.

Despite a deadly serious story in a depressingly mundane world, this script is funny, and most of the humour comes from the head-on collision of comicbook idealism with real-world numbness.

So, of course crime is harder to find. Of course he wins fights by accident. Of course no-one takes him seriously. He’s a superhero trapped in the body of a loser trapped in the boring old real world. He can’t even settle on a costume. Heck, he can’t even settle on a name.

And that’s his appeal – we could all be The Street Cleaner. (if we only took judo lessons)

Currently only one reel of this film exists – shot on a low-budget to advertise the potential of a full-length version to investors. As such it’s not that glossy, which gives it an indie feel rather than a Hollywood one.

On that level I'm curious whether a $200 million budget would ruin it.

Saving lives, or giving up on his own?
Trailer and further info here.


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