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Eight days ago was my final lesson teaching English to members of the Korean Salvation Army.

It’s been a slightly trippy four months. I’ve got to know so many of them, and had so much fun with them all, yet there haven’t really been any big moments that stand out.

It’s just been fun, laughter and hopefully some learning all the way, every Friday for the past while.

I guess that means it went well.

Then last Wednesday was my final evening pre-intermediate class at the Chinese migrant school. The beginners’ teacher was away, so I had to take both classes at once. A couple of old students came back just for the last one too, and I was genuinely surprised when I found that they’d all got me a goodbye present.

And then this morning I was to have my final kids’ class. As my bus in was late, I started walking, until the bus driver pulled up alongside me between stops to let me on.

These are easily my best students, as they’ve been learning English more as a first language than as a second one. I’ve also been teaching this class the longest, although the entire register has changed since I started about 10 months ago.

With term finished today, tomorrow I fly home to the UK for the first time in over a year. As a result, I’ll start next term a bit late. I guess that makes me the one thoughtless individual who’s spoiling everything for the majority.


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