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I'm sure the title meant something that I missed.

It's the sixth story to be set on/by Earth...

Satelite 5, in orbit around Earth
... (the last story set in the future on a space-station overlooking Earth was 5 weeks ago) and the second one to make a big deal of stuff coming out of people's foreheads.

Blue light.  Coming out of someone's forehead.  Adam's clearly the only one who's seen this before.
As usual, I enjoyed it while it was on. Plot holes still abounded, but at least they all only contradicted this episode. I know this should really be worse than contradicting the other ones, I really haven't figured out why it's not.

So they have to vent the heat from the alien down to the lower levels, instead of... the vacuum of space outside?

How to get ahead in the media
So The Doctor takes one look at Adam with the hole in his forehead, and exclaims "What has he done?" instead of "What have they done to him?" The Doctor also knows all about the message Adam had recorded on his home answerphone, without any possible way of knowing.

Ahh - but they've remembered the hypnopass again. Maybe next week they will forget Rose, and we will all have to nod sagely "Oh well it's not a mistake, he obviously dropped her off somewhere."

Best thing would be Simon Pegg as the Editor, who is always brilliant. And just for once he wasn't reducing his audience by swearing.

It's rude to point
7¼ out of 10. Hoping to see one set on an alien planet soon.

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