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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Today, following the Korean meal after the service at the Salvation Army, we were all to go out to a tomato farm for a BBQ.

Just before we left, I was told that it was not actually to be for a BBQ, but for walking. Great, I like walks.

When we got there, I discovered that the word they had actually been looking for was not "walk" but "work."

Spent the afternoon in the sunshine shovelling sawdust, slitting plastic bags that tomato plants had been grown in, and emptying the earth out.

Afterwards we went out for a Vietnamese meal at Hanoi's opening night.

Alone in the lift at ACB, after all the Asian food I'd had lately, I said out loud "God, I want some chocolate. Amen."

Less than 60 seconds.


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