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So I was presenting my local radio show, 'That Good Friday Feeling' last night, when I found myself plugging a local church's special Easter play, and decided to go see it for myself. 'CSI: Jerusalem' promised to examine evidence of the easter story, and sounded like it would be a heap of fun TV parody to boot.

So tonight, one of the Korean families that I've been teaching English to dropped me off at Green Lane Christian Centre, where I immediately ran into Rob from another radio station I've been involved with recently. As we caught up, I learnt that he was actually in tonight's performance, so I wished him all the best, before heading into the lobby to get my ticket.

It only hit me now, that I had forgotten to bring any entrance money with me. Letting God provide everything has just become a bit of a habit lately.

Straight away this woman walks up to me and says "There's this lady who's husband couldn't make it, and she wants to give you his ticket."

So with this complete stranger's free ticket pressed into my hand, I enter the auditorium beaming with pleasure, sort myself out with a good seat, and look forward to an evening of daft comedy. Then I read the title on the front of the programme: "SURELY HE WAS THE SON: Christ's Passion - A Modern Cantata for Easter."

Yep, I'm at the wrong play.

So I spent a lovely 2 hours at the opera instead...

Surely He Was The Son
Hey - and they actually SHOWED the RESURRECTION! 9 out of 10.

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