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A good day on the Free Food shelf
Sorry. I have become one of those exasperating Christians who keeps telling stories about money showing up out of the blue.

Well, not so much money, more the things that I would spend the money on. Food, phonecards, internet vouchers, it all just shows up whenever I need it. Usually people leave it behind at the hostel when they travel onward, but I've lost count of the number of hot meals that have shown up wherever I am when I've been away travelling too.

When I first arrived I prayed for a tape-to-tape machine to copy my radio demo tapes on. A few days later I met a guy at church who had one in his car that he didn't want.

Then I lost the mains lead. Yesterday I found another one in a rubbish bin I was emptying.

I prayed about whether or not to go to the Parachute Festival, and within 3 hours had a tent, groundsheet and mattress.

Today the fridge in my room is so tightly packed with food that some of it is taking its chances at room-temperature.

Last night I read-up on tithing.


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