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Edge City Church, which currently meets at St. Stephen's Presbyterian, is currently looking to purchase a building all of its own. With this in mind, today's service was experimentally to be held over at The Irish Society.

Having failed to find it (the nearest I could manage was an Irish pub with an unpublishable name), I instead dropped in on my friends over at the Urban Vineyard.

Here, a Brit called Fred Mumford (no relation to the character off Rentaghost) was speaking about the start of 1 Corinthians, particularly chapter 2 verse 3 "So when I came to you, I was weak and trembled all over with fear". He emphasized that this was normal and right when preaching the gospel, which puts an interesting spin on Christ's ministry.

Anyway, afterwards a group of us went off to the packed Chinese Lantern Festival in Albert Park. Here I found myself praying for someone's eyesight, which was just a mite ironic given how vaguely lit everything was anyway by only Chinese lanterns.

Anyway, there were lanterns shaped like all sorts of things, including one designed as a giant chicken. The highlight however (no I'm not even going to attempt going there) was a huge lantern designed in the shape of Auckland's Sky Tower.

Ah, no, wait, that was the Sky Tower, which as everyone knows was designed to look like a giant Chinese lantern.

Is it real or no?


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At 2:26 am, Blogger KlownKrusty said...

"there were lanterns shaped like all sorts of things, including one designed as a giant chicken." Lay off the chicken, y'hear?

At 6:51 am, Blogger Steve Goble said...

As all the lanterns were taken down the folowing day, the giant chicken in question has already been laid-off.

At 3:10 am, Blogger KlownKrusty said...

So, there were chickens all over the high street...?

At 11:21 pm, Blogger Steve Goble said...

Yes - they were running around like headless...well.


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