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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Backpackers play this cardgame called Sh*thead.

It's an awful lot like Uno.

You're dealt 9 cards, but you're only allowed to hold 3 of them at first. When they're spent, you play your next 3 cards face up. Your final 3 cards are played blind.

You have to always play a higher card than the one currently on the table.

Aces are high.

8s are invisible.

10s burn the deck.

7s mean the next card must be lower.

I have played this game twice, once tonight with Joe, and a few months ago with another long-since-departed guy. As the game is such alot like Uno, I won both games.

My question to you, fellow land-travellers:

Why do they spoil such a nice card game by calling it Sh*thead?

I mean, why couldn't they have just called it something nice like 'blossom' or something? Then everyone could have joined in.


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