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In an era when more and more old movies are being re-released in 3D, is it too much to hope that the original 1981 version of Clash Of The Titans might be next?

While I admit the story made little sense to me, the amount of trouble gone to to lay image over image over image is a thing to behold, and in 3D would surely dazzle even more so. When so many perspectives hit your eyes in perfect focus in the 2D version, you already feel as though you're watching this through a Viewmaster anyway.

So many of these shamelessly stop-motion monsters, despite being the definition of unconvincing, are also enthrallingly-crafted. They are this film's unique beauty. If you've seen Mary Poppins and had no problem with the meshing of cartoons with live-action there, then you cannot possibly criticise this.

So come on Hollywood, muck about with the depth on all these stone snakes and giant velociraptors too. Hey - it's not that long ago that you were proudly gushing on the posters how you thought this film looked 'spectacular'.

Skip the Channel 5 logo though. That already stands out way too much.

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