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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Fig. 1: Taken in such a hurry that we forgot to include the actual game.

Another games night, this time back at its traditional home at Chris and Kylie's. (last time I was here was when I learnt Rummikub)

Catch Phrase, aka Electronic Catch Phrase, is pretty much what I call charades in electronic form. A machine tells you the phrase that you have to mime, or at least verbally allude to, and you do the rest. There are headings which you can choose from too.

Handily Random Dave and I seemed to have a bit of telepathy going on once we'd hit upon the idea of describing things in TV terms, eg. "Babylon 5 had a lot of aliens on it who were…" (ambassadors, as I recall)

My favourite instance of this though would have to be when I successfully conveyed the phrase 'martial law', by simply declaring "This town! Is now! Under…"

Don't panic.


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