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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

I have just spent the past week living in a catholic seminary with a group of trainee priests.

This has been all thanks to old friend (and trainee Priest) Nigel, who upon hearing that I was again to return to NZ as a Missionary, contacted me in London from Sydney and insisted upon putting me up.

So with flatmate Dave back from Alaska, and flatmate Luke planning to move out a mere week later, the opportunity for a week’s free room and board could not have been better timed.

Quite apart from which, it’s been an interesting seven days here. I’ve attended a couple of services with these new friends, shared umpteen meals with them, and watched the awful Japanese tsunami unfold last week on live television with them.

Ultimately, I’ve come away with a renewed respect for those areas where our beliefs diverge.

I think it’s been handy for some of them to have someone to chat to about all the stuff they’ve been learning too, if for no other benefit than revision.

Tonight however it was farewells all round.

Well, not so much farewells, as see you laters.

As I and my gear caught a lift back to Howick in their cook’s car, it was testament to the friendliness of Auckland’s community of believers that I fully expected to see them again soon.

The same sort of friendliness that had offered me the room there in the first place.


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