Steve Goble

Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Comedy-horror from New Zealand, which takes its one gag and, uh, milks it.

In many ways it's quite refreshing to watch a movie that seems so unbothered what the international market will make of it. Set over one day, none of the characters display the usual preoccupation with ingratiating themselves to the viewer, and the result is a bunch of misfits who are quite likable.

When one character is threatened by another with a gun, only to subsequently walk somewhere with them as mates, it's actually quite easy to accept, because the tone of this world is so mundane.

I am surprised that the world famous Weta Workshop allowed their name on this though. Some of their effects, it must be said, are terrible, and don't have the defence of being either intentional or an obvious symptom of the budget. Despite that, this is hopefully the grossest movie that I will ever watch, making shortcomings in this area somewhat welcome.

Black Sheep? Red Sheep surely.

Available here.


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