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Not that I want to shout about it or anything, but this morning this blog registered it’s 100,000th pageload. (in fact it wasn't exactly that, but according to the statcounter it was)

I'd therefore like to thank everybody who's read this site so far for their time and interest, and reassure you all that I'm not planning on continuing this forever.

To mark the milestone, last night I briefly reformatted the top of every page to read:

“Congratulations! You are this site’s [TOTAL]th reader!”

Well, I figured there ought to be just one occasion when a website greeted someone with the news that he/she was its 100,000th visitor, and actually be telling the truth. Best of all, said random visitor would probably assume the statement to be false, and live the rest of their life never knowing any better.

I tell you, it was all becoming a bit like an episode of Candid Blogger.

So, with my fiendish trap set, near as I can ascertain, at 11:50am this morning and 20 seconds, one lucky reader somewhere in the world apparently did just that.

Near as I can make out, they were searching the web from the Dutch version of Google, apparently from the town of Badhoevedorp in the Netherlands, and came through to this site's archive page of November 2009. They were smart enough to have not yet upgraded from a Windows XP operating system, had Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 installed, and javascript enabled. Their screen resolution was 1024x768. I could tell you their IP address, but that just feels like giving out personal information.

So, wherever you are now Mr/Ms Googler from Holland, thanks for stopping by, and I sincerely hope that you found the information you were looking for about Spider-Man.

Yes, you've been blogged.

Fig. 1: In Auckland CBD in February 2005, caught on camera plotting this site's 100,000th pageload in nearly six years' time.


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