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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

James Bond movies like this one make me wonder why Mike Myers even bothers.

The plot is just as outlandish as Austin Powers, the innuendo as relentless, and the comedy just as intentional. How can it be anything else when 007, with mere minutes available to him, perfectly disguises himself as a fully made-up clown in order to diffuse an atomic bomb and save civilisation from the Soviets?

Between this panto and the straight drama of entries like Licence To Kill, the ongoing Bond film series covers quite a spectrum, which perhaps contributes to its enduring wide appeal.

The action and set pieces are terrific too, thanks to the filmmakers treating such silliness with such seriousness. This is one action-adventure that constantly looks like it's just about to finish, yet each grand finale keeps giving way to yet another.

Here's hoping that Austin Powers stays this daft.

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