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I found this less-engaging than yesterday's episode, which was a shame, as some of the ideas were quite good.

Torchwood's Indian branch, the bubble in time, the shipment of computer equipment addressed to Jack's namesake...

Once it slid into discussing Jack's old flame though, I'm afraid I rather lost interest. I wasn't sure if Jack had worked for Torchwood India for a while, or whether he'd only gone there to close it down. The Duchess' surprise at hearing of Torchwood Cardiff also seems to open-up problems with Torchwood's confused back-story in the TV series. Ultimately, I'm sorry to admit that I started nodding-off, and had to rewind the tape a few times to catch what I'd missed.

Ianto tries to evacuate a building at one point by setting-off the fire alarm, so everyone... screams? Whu...?

Some of the dialogue was a bit audio-ish too, but that's a tough learning-curve. I do like the vocal direction on this series though. There are thoughtful pauses between many of the lines, making them sound a lot like they're being delivered naturally.

The music too is consistent with the main TV series, and particularly the opening two-note atmosphere tells you exactly that you're back in that same world again.

One more to go!

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