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Just above okay.

Aside from the red double-decker bus on the alien planet, Planet Of The Dead has some original ideas going for it. The Tritovores who, unusually for aliens, we hear speaking in their own language. The flying aliens who swarm to create a portal. The ongoing context of the Doctor operating on his own.

It is slow, but while this is initially just weak pacing (the Doctor awkwardly sitting around doing nothing again), I quite like having the chance to hear lots of characters talking for a while.

I do think they should start filming London scenes in London now, or just move the Earthbound action elsewhere. Since we cannot place where any of these events are supposed to be happening, it makes the whole thing feel a bit weird. London's quite small, if you live here.

Overall this is, like The Next Doctor, another okay story. If, from now on, the show can regularly be this standard and above, then that's good news.

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