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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Part two of Channel 4's Revelations series follows two students through their first year at a Muslim school in Nottingham.

Producer / Director Tanya Stephan sets a much less judgemental tone than in Jon Ronson's film last week, and the result is a life-decision that is much easier to understand.

Despite the series' title, there isn't very much that's revelatory about this entry. The only development that took me by surprise was the kids' huge uncertainty about, when they died, whether they would go to Heaven or Hell. They hoped Heaven, obviously, but they just didn't know.

I was concerned that these particular kids seemed to have concluded that right & wrong are determined by rules (I think it's the other way around), but I perceive this as being a much wider-held perspective, followed by individuals regardless of any faith.

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