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Another psychedelic trip through far-off alien landscapes, and schools programmes of yesteryear on BBC2.

This was the third LP to be released by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and bears the distinction of having been specially composed for publication. Instead of just compiling tracks from their TV and radio work, the team had the opportunity to let their imagniations run riot, and prove just how weird and unearthly the music they constructed out of everyday sounds could really be.

The result, for my money, is a mixed success. Several tracks sound a bit over-produced, purely because every sound making-up the piece is so unusual. For these tracks it's hard to know which elements to focus on listening to, because it all grabs the attention.

Or it does on headphones anyway. When I first listened to this album through speakers, it all sounded a bit, well, synthesised. (!) Headphones, definitely on headphones.

Several tracks are cool, low-key affairs, basking in their own effortless weirdness, just in case anyone thought the composers might be showing-off.

But then there are also two tracks on here from my favourite composer, Paddy Kingsland. His composition The Panel Beaters is so wide-eyed and happy that it reminds you of a child full of sugar. This is radiophonic music! This is the best music in the world! It'll never stop being this brilliant!!! You feel you should tell the track to settle down and take some deep breaths, but frankly its optimism dwarves even my deepest reserves of negativity.

And then there's Dick Mills' Crazy Dazy, telling a very short audio story with no words.

Now there's creativity for you.

(Sample, and buy, here!)

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