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I have to admit I've not been looking forward to this year's comedy episode, (I took it as read that there would be another one) but this time they came up with the goods.

The whole thing is an absurd horror-science-fiction-farce, with Gwen marrying Rhys, whilst at the same time heavily pregnant for 24-hours with a giant alien egg. The best man's even got the slapstick name "Banana".

This is probably the definitive "thick Gwen" episode too, as opposed to the ones when they're trying to push her character as clever.

In this episode, Gwen tries to explain away her alien lump by taking a deep breath and just telling her parents that she's pregnant in the usual way. Y'know, with a human. Her parents naturally, and happily, assume that this means they're going to get a grandkid. Oh dear, Gwen actually hadn't foreseen that consequence of her fib. She phones-up Rhys, and comes out with a line of dialogue that speaks several unkind volumes about Doctor Who this decade:

"We haven't thought this through."

No, neither has Jack. There's no reason for him to halt the wedding while the alien baby's real zombie mother is hiding her presence from everyone.

With Martha's exit last episode, it's a shame that she didn't come back for this event, but you can't have everything. It would also have been nice to have heard exactly how Torchwood were going to wipe all the guests' evidence of events while they slept at the end, (eg. deleting photos on cameras) but I guess I'm thinking things through too much.

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