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Though last week's trailer didn't give it away, this week's title probably does – Owen is back from the dead.

I've long had problems with zombie flicks, precisely because of the limited abilities of a human body post-death, but this one actually takes a step towards addressing all that.

Reinhabiting his own dead body, and therefore unable to die again, Owen heads out to a nightclub, only to find out the difficult way just what an inconvenience being dead can really be. He can't allow himself to get damaged, because he won’t heal-up again. He can't have sex. He can't hold his liquor. The scene in which he has to stand on his head to expel it out of his mouth again was as gross as it was funny.

This is a plodding story, with several important scenes missing, such as Jack's escape from the church, the journey to the hospital, and what happens to the kid with leukemia who Owen tells to watch him fight Death. There are also several repeated elements from earlier episodes. (it's the third one this season in which they rely on their own security-camera footage to find stuff out, and the fourth one to be set in a medical facility) (BTW it's episode 7)

That said, meandering as it is, it's still quite watchable, which is still beating the low expectations that I came out of last season with.

I'm must admit, I'm actually looking forward to each episode now.

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