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The PERFECT HAMBURGER by Alexander McCall Smith
This is one of those joyous books that I never want to grow out of.

The simple pleasure of reading about a young boy’s friendship with an old man who no-one wants to see any more.

Mr Borthwick’s hamburger shop is going out of business, thanks to a smart new Krustyburger, sorry, Hamburger House chain that’s opened up in town. Against impossible odds, Joe and Mr Borthwick must somehow turn public opinion around and make their ancient old-fashioned burgers popular again.

Along the way they meet a whole chain of people who each help in their own little way, including a chef called the Great Casarolli.

I could go on, but if that hasn’t piqued your interest, then it's probably not your sort of book.

The Perfect Hamburger delivers exactly what it promises.

I've even been using this as a teaching aid - to demonstrate to present perfect!


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