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Amazing Grace is the true story of the political career of William Wilberforce – the man history credits with overthrowing the slave industry in the United Kingdom in the eighteenth century.

From the word go, it had a tough audience in our row. As soon as the first rainy shot had flashed up in the cinema, Flatmate Dave turned to me and whispered “Did you notice how none of the rain was falling on the path?”

Out-nerding him, I replied “No – I was too busy noticing all the dirt on the master neg.”

Still, this is a film that truly won me over.

Its non-linear narrative (stories told in flashback always frustrate me because I know where they’re going and have to wait forever for them to catch-up with me) was fortunately kept to a minimum, and the draggingly annoying presence of a love-interest was kept at the back too.

As well as absorbing me, where this clean(!) film really succeeded though was in giving its adult theme – slavery – to characters with such a sense of fun. It’s not a comedy by any means, yet the one-liners keep coming thick and fast.

At last - a non-kids' movie I can thoroughly recommend.

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