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A reunion both on-screen, and off.

After the four of us had been to see the second movie nearly a year ago, this time Rhett, Sarah, myself and Katie were joined by Greg for the final (to date) instalment in the series.

First up, I’d like to nerdishly mention that all the adverts before the film carried the subtitle "REPLACE THE LAMP".

The film:

Very good, but just not much fun. Still, I admire them for going down a darker, less crowd-pleasing, road with it.

As with the last one, I checked my brains at the door as we went in, and was just swept along by it all for the whole three hours. There are inevitable comparisons with the painfuly slow threequel Matrix Revolutions, (also shot back-to-back with its preceding sequel) but Pirates 3 was a whole lot less arduous.

Biggest regret though would be how all those quotable one-liners from the first movie have now become just a joyful memory. There are good lines in this too, but I can't remember any of them.

I always thought that the fantasy element in the first movie spoilt it rather, and this third movie is ALL fantasy. It's more visual and less verbose, which is a bit of a shame. I rather preferred seeing Jack on dry land dealing with more 'real' situations like being in prison. Here he prances around being funny, but getting to actually say little.

Mmmmmmmmm - 8 out of 10. I enjoyed it, but overall it wasn't really my kind of movie.

Roll on the next two.

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