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Office Space (one of Joe’s favourite films) has an opening 20 minutes like no other.

For those of us whose natural habitat is an office, the frustration and apathy of working behind a desk is summed-up in a way never even attempted by any other film I’ve seen. The opening sequence – in which the main character tries against the odds to drive to work but is overtaken by an OAP with a zimmer-frame – sums up perfectly the incredulous mindset that corporation-life nurtures in its oppressed employees.

When the film then ditches this unique approach and instead delves into a samey tale of embezzlement, it’s slowly downhill all the way. Jennifer Anniston, as the token girl, is introduced to appear in a few scenes that totally and utterly don’t affect the story at all, yet at the same time I got the impression that her scenes were the only reason this production got funded.

Because even this very film was made by just such a company.

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