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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Patrick, he of Hope City Radio fame, can currently be seen on ALT TV circa 18:15 on Friday nights performing a regular comedy sketch.

Anyway tonight I popped-in to see him just before the show, only to be introduced to ALT’s President Of Programming who, with just 30 seconds to air, suddenly press-ganged me into playing a comedy janitor on the live show.

My appearance was barely fleeting. I stood there with a vacuum cleaner and, as comedically as possible, ducked out of the way, as the presenters of their flagship Action News programme swept past me in the corridor, followed by a camera, and into the studio.

And that was it, over.

Giving me an appearance that was so brief and silent was probably a wise move however, if my edition of That Friday Feeling on Hope City Radio later that night was anything to go by.

The theme of this week’s show was backwards. So I had reversed the usual playlist order, put the introduction at the end of the show, read all the verses in the Bible reading in reverse order and, after about 30 rehearsals, read an entire link with every single word spelt backwards. This was much harder than I had first thought.

To listen to the evidence, please click here.

Uoy knaht. Ymra eht nioj.

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