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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Dropped into the youth hostel this evening to find that Lionel had posted his spare phonecard and NZ stamps back from the UK to me. Also waiting for me was a Burger Fuel voucher and a very long bank statement from ANZ, making up for the many that they have still not sent to my new address.

Afterwards, it was off to Chris’s place – bizarrely the same building where I had tried (unsuccessfully) to get a room in June last year.

Chris, as well as being incredibly patient, (it took me over an hour to locate his house again) is an html genius, and was kindly tweaking this very blog from green to blue for me. I have made other odd textual changes myself between these two screengrabs, but see what you think:

Green’s a nice colour, but I think white and blue are more “me.” I like white clothes because they get so many good references in the Bible, and blue is just a very simple relaxed colour, like the sea and the sky.

Chris also has a beautiful view from the road outside his house:


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