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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

I spend last night in a backpackers called "The Prison." And it actually IS. The prison closed in 1993, so they turned it into a backpackers. Look:

Looks a lot like school.

Cushier than L A Fitness.

As you can see, Jamie and I were not allowed to bring in even the most basic home comforts.

The place was built by its first inmates, some of whom would carve pictures into the bricks they made:

And this is what you saw if you escaped:

(that waterfall is artificial)

For a few extra dollars you can actually sleep in a cell. So I did:

Odd little things were different, like the lightswitch being outside the room, and there being no way of shutting the door from the inside.

And then this morning they told me the place is haunted.



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