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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

The phone rang today, and it was Patrick from Hope City Radio. There was a bit of a do over at Green Bay Community Centre, and he wanted me to do some promos for it over the phone.

Within minutes I was having one of those matey chats with him on air, encouraging listeners to pop along and have some fun.

Mr Hippy was also at the event selling ice creams from his van, where he had the station on for his customers.

Patrick also told me that the previous night he had followed my recorded show with a repeat of an earlier live one that I’d done in September. I was a bit pleased about that. I’ve never had a whole music show repeated before. I’m rather hoping that we can rerun some of my other shows now as well.

Goble's old radio shows, now rerunning on Hope City Gold.  All right?  Not 'alf.


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