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Some people come to Singapore for a fortnight. Others for a lifetime. Me - I was here for 3 hours.

Alas, according to the lady behind the train counter, it didn’t sound as though I would have enough time to go into the city and get back again, so once more I had to make do with just a stroll around outside the airport.

Making my way upstairs, I discovered a… what’s it called… monorail joining terminal 2 to 1, so I went on that. Then, just for good measure, I went back on it too.

It’s the law of the monorail.

And you have to wonder why they bothered – it’s just about the shortest monorail journey I’ve ever been on. I really had walked far farther just to board it. You’ve been to airports – you know just how much walking they ironically involve.

In fact, Singapore Changi International Airport is so large, that I even came across one desk organising tours around the terminal! Boy, they sure have tourism down to a science here. I bet they even have showgirls, kids’ clubs and watersports. How they must laugh every time the air traffic controllers go on strike.

Anyway, the light was fading, and I was anxious to get at least one photo of Singapore outdoors, but it was proving a challenge. Everywhere I looked was just… so… boring.

That’s right – the picture below was the single most interesting angle I could find:

Singapore Airport
Thank God there was at least a car coming past.

After that it was back indoors again, to walk another mile to flight SQ 285, and wonder how long it would be before I passed this way again…

Singapore Changi International Airport


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