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Choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

How many times now had I stood by this departure gate?

The same luggage shop, the same signposts to the crash-matted multi-faith airport chapel, the same World News where I’d bought a Cherry Coke to cheer myself up, the same group of Asians on the same sofas by the same huge windows under the same TV set, where I must therefore presume they live. (After all, the only thing more unlikely than those people still waiting there years later, was surely that I was)

The journey to the airport this time had been matter-of-fact. I hugged my mum goodbye again, she said “You know I want the best for you, don’t you?” to which I had replied “I don’t really want to go, but if you had the chance to spend six weeks in another country, you’d take it, wouldn’t you?”

I recalled how, the first time I had flown the 26 hours to New Zealand, they had screened The Matrix Revolutions to try to make the journey go a bit slower. In those circumstances, as with all mediocre in-flight movies, I’d welcomed it like a good friend.

Now it was hard to forget. All that pesky social relevance that films are so keen on nowadays, kept flashing into my mind offering advice and a commentary on my life.

Oracle: "Now, since the real test for any choice is having to make the same choice again, knowing full well what it might cost - I guess I feel pretty good about that choice, 'cause here I am, at it again."

Oh there was a lot of other stuff about the Trainman, and the Frenchman, and the Icecreamman etc., but that was all a bit highbrow for me.

Anyway, it was all up to God, so through the gate I went…

…and blow me if God didn’t take me all the way around the world straight back to New Zealand again.


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At 5:50 pm, Blogger Claire said...

Hello Fellow Howick'ian...

Just browsed your throughly entertaining and encourging blogg... what an adventure you and God are having together!

I love your live goals/rules - depdending upon our Lord and following Him. What a light you must be to those around you. What a challenge you must be to other christians!

Do you go to church in Howick? me and my family go to The River, which is technically in Pakuranga, but so close.

Bless you on your journey, enjoy our beautiful country. Any plans to head south... I guess though you arent the one to ask lol!

At 7:21 am, Blogger Steve Goble said...

Hi Claire.

Thanks for your encouragement!

I'm currently at Edge City Church in Ponsonby, although that's a bit of a trek from Howick, so if I remain here I may shift somewhere closer. May even drop into The River! (ooh - that sounds a bit suicidal!)

No plans to head south at present, but as you said, and I keep on telling people, I just don't know!

Thanks for reading,


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