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When I first met Kevin on a tennis court one hot bank holiday weekend in 2003, the thing that struck me about him was his kudos.

No matter how bad your shot, Kevin would always tell you that it had been great.

This was a fine talent, and one which I have since attempted to emulate.

He’s also Australian.

I mention this simply because I was absolutely delighted to see him again during my trip to Aussie in January. (here and here)

Nothing had changed, we didn’t even catch up…

…we just slouched around Sydney with my kind hosts Scottish Dave and Fionnuala as usual.

Then, six months later in July, blow me if I didn’t bump into him again back here in the UK on Richmond Bridge.

We've repeatedly fixed times to meet up, but something kept cropping up. Tonight for example was difficult, but neither one of us wanted to delay any longer and risk missing our window of opportunity.

Kevin grabbed some apple pies and custard, I packed some mini Moro bars that I’d brought over from New Zealand, and together we crashed in on Steve King. (brother of Jon from Hill Rise Blues)

My photos have a way of becoming my memory, so here’s everything that I can remember:

1. Setting up to take a photo of ourselves, and 2 of us not being ready in time.

2. Having another go. We all look rather defensive, don’t we?


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