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Having given myself the whole weekend off in order to shake my jet lag, tonight I treated myself to a film at Sky City Metro cinema, and saw Spider-Man 2.

It really was fantastic, for so many reasons. I think the thing I loved most is that it really was a Peter Parker flick. My favourite scenes were the ones when he kept missing getting a drink, and that whole Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head routine! This was a story in which, just like real life, the characters had the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. I can't believe MacGuire doesn't want to do a third one. He will never do anything of this calibre again.

I really, really enjoyed it. I could write about how good I thought that was for hours. As always, though, the presence of a Super-Villain kinda weighed heavy.

All this and yet more Stan Lee™...

Highly recommended, even if you missed the first one, it's really well recapped!

9 out of 10. You read it - 9!

(Available here)
Review of Spider-Man here.
Review of Spider-Man 3 here.

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