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You always read about Hollywood executives bogging themselves down with trying to make everything relevant and accessible to as many potential paying viewers as possible. Yet, paradoxically, they do like making a lot of shoppy films about themselves, too.

New Suit is about a non-existent movie script getting green-lit, purely on the basis of all the hype surrounding it.

This is a great premise, opening itself up to all sorts of clever schemes and misdirection, but which sadly isn't really plundered for that. For example, the scene in which, fearing for his job, the proof-reader who started the rumour actually rings-up an executive and pretends to be the author. Since no-one else has the script, that really makes him the bona fide author. So he's only really lying about his name. Not so genius really.

You have to wonder how authentic the film's own hype appeared.


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